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Eye Diagnosis - Android App

Eye Diagnosis - The Windows Application

There is an accompanying Windows application that allows to visualize the eye photos on a Windows desktop like in the Android app.

The Windows application is only intended as add-on to the Android app. It allows less features than the Android app. In particular, it does not allow to organize new photos and to set the position of the overlays. However, it allows to show the photos, show the overlays, and edit the comment.

In order to use the Windows application, you have to synchronize the eye photo folder of your Android device with a corresponding eye photo folder on your Windows desktop. This folder needs to be configured in the settings.
One possible way of synchronisation is to install a WebDAV app on your Android device and to install some synchronization application on your Windows desktop (such as FreeFileSync). Then you can do the configuration in a way that the synchronization application accesses your Android device wirelessly via WebDAV.

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