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Eye Diagnosis - Android App

Eye Diagnosis - Overview

This App has the purpose to support the visualization of eye photographs on an Android device, in order to do medical diagnosis.

Key Features

Main activities

Step 1: Organize the photos.

In this step, you can organize eye photos.

The App expects new eye photos in an input folder. This folder is preconfigured as the target folder of the Eye-Fi app or as the default folder of the camera, but can be changed via the settings.

In the “Organize new photos” activity, you can assign new eye photos from the input folder to a person and a date and prepare them in this way for the app. Then the photos will be renamed and moved to the eye photo folder.

As further alternative, you may take pictures directly from the app with the device camera. This will normally not give photos in adequate quality, but it serves as an alternative to a professional camera, in particular if you use a macro lens such as the Miniris-2 or Iricell .

As third alternative,

Step 2: View photos.

This is the main purpose of the app, but it requires the photos to be organized via step 1.

In this activity, you can

Trial period / In-App purchases

The app allows free use only for a trial period of two weeks. Further use requires the one-time purchase of an in-app package.

Windows application

There is an accompanying Windows application that can be used to view the photos that have been organized with this app. For more information, see https://augendiagnose-app.de/en/windowsapp/ .

Data storage

The app stores information (like iris position or comments) directly in the JPG image files. This has the advantage that all such information is still available if you copy the pictures from one device to another one. To some extent, information like comments will be even available when viewing the files in MS Windows.

However, this kind of storage imposes a small risk. It may happen that on some devices, or for pictures from some cameras, storage of information in the JPG fails, or possibly even destroys the JPG file. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep backups of your JPG files at least when using the app for the first time with a new device or with a new camera.

Privacy Policy

The app “Eye Diagnosis” uses the camera for taking eye photos. The app does not store, collect or send any personal data of any kind. All pictures taken by the app are stored only locally on your device.

The app also uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information about app errors and app usage. This has the purpose to get information for further improvements of the app. See the Google Analytics Privacy Policy for more details.