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Eye Diagnosis - Android App

Eye Diagnosis - Organize the photos

Here you can organize your eye photos.

The two last images of the input folder are displayed.

With the button “Switch” you can exchange the two photos.

With the button “Other Photos”, you can select one or two different photos from the input folder, by clicking on two of the displayed photos. Here, you may also delete photos from the input folder, by using the context menu (long click on a photo).

At “Select Name” you can set the name of the person from which the eye photos are taken. Here you can either select an existing name or enter a new name.

At “Select Date” you can select the date on which the photos are listed. Typically this is the capture date of the photos, which is preselected. However, you may select a different date. This is necessary in particular, if you want to keep more than one eye pair of a person from one date - the app allows only one photo pair per day and person.

With the button “OK” you can move the selected eye photo pair to the eye photo folder. The photos are attached to the given name and date and can then be used by the app.

By tapping on the pair of photos, you can view the two photos in detail. (See also “View photos”